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In the course of many years of consulting work since 1995, Dirigo Multimedia, Inc. has also developed many commercial products, some of which are sold directly by Dirigo, but sold at a discount without any support included-- because there just isn't enough time in the day for me now to offer quality support, given my other programming projects. I'm currently considering options for selling these products through other Xtra vendors who can support them fully.

Some Dirigo plug-in and utility products were formerly sold by updateStage, inc. in Arlington, Massachusetts, which in January 2007 stopped selling new product. However, support is still available through updateStage for customers who bought products through updatestage.

Dirigo also has developed plug-in and utility products that are owned by other outfits.

You can see pricing and ordering information for most of these products here. Please contact Dirigo by e-mail to arrange purchase of a licensed version and a serial number.

Products sold directly by Dirigo (e-mail for a demo version if a demo is not mentioned below):

Products developed for other companies:


Freeware products:

(Note that these are all XObjects, only supported by Director 6.5 and earlier.)

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Last update: January 7th, 2007.