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Pricing and Ordering

Pricing for consulting and production services is below.

Demo versions of the software products below which don't have any link for a download location are available by email. Sales of all products are conducted by phone, fax and email (see contact information). You can pay by PayPal or any credit card. There are not currently any posted product pages or downloadable evaluation versions for the products below which don't have links. There are no secure online order pages currently for any of these products.

Pricing in US dollars below for products that were formerly sold and supported by Dirigo's former publisher, updateStage, inc. do not include product support. I am not able to provide quality support for these products due to other programming projects that take most of my time. Consequently, the prices of these products are steeply reduced from their former pricing, since updateStage's superlative support was always a good proportion of my products' value. I'm currently considering options for selling these products through other Xtra vendors who can support them properly.

MasterApp Xtra, $150.00 (download here)
MasterApp Xtra upgrade to MacOS X from MacOS 9, for existing customers, $85.00 (download here)
BinaryIO Xtra, $100.00 (download here)
BinaryIO Xtra upgrade to MacOS X from MacOS 9, for existing customers, $60.00 (download here)
ProgressCopy Xtra, $75.00
DisplayRes Xtra, $50.00
AutoRun for Windows, $40.00
AutoStart for Mac, $40.00
DropStart for Mac, $10.00
Relaunch for Mac, $10.00
ConvertData Xtra, $10.00
Versions XObject, $10.00

Pricing in US dollars for specialized products that have always been sold and supported directly by Dirigo, but which are now sold without product support, due to my limited available time:

Substantial discounts for educational, non-profit or artistic ventures are available for products sold by Dirigo. Please email with details about your venture for more information about these discounts.

Return policy: Fully functional demo versions with copyright alert notices are available for free by email, so you can fully evaluate the suitability of the product before making a purchase decision. You need to make that decision in light of the fact that these products are sold without support, due to limitations on my available time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed in the sense that you get to decide whether you are satisfied by the product before you lay out any cash for the licensed version, which allows copyright alert notices to be disabled. Once you have made a purchase and the licensed version of a product has been sent to you electronically, there is no longer any meaningful way to 'return' the product. Consequently, Dirigo's return policy is limited to refunding your full purchase price within 30 days only if you can demonstrate that a reproducible bug evident in the licensed version of the product (or a significant omission or inaccuracy in the documentation) significantly impairs the value of the product for your purposes. Such a refund request must be accompanied by a signed statement that you and anyone to whom you have distributed the Xtra have destroyed all copies of the licensed version on your hard disk and on any other backup media. (On the other hand, if you are dissatisfied for any reason with a Dirigo product, I certainly want to know about it and fix the problem if I can; please email me so we can discuss the problem and try to find a mutually satisfactory resolution.)

Customer service and technical support are conducted by email and telephone (see Contact information), but support is now available only to the extent to which I have available time to volunteer-- not often-- or to which you are willing to arrange with me to pay for my support time, and I have available time. (Most customers are able to adapt the provided sample code into their own projects without a great deal of difficulty. If you need custom programming services beyond your ability, that can be provided on a consulting basis in addition to the product licensing costs.) Note that if you previously purchased my products through updateStage, you can still get product support from updateStage.

Services pricing: The price of Dirigo's multimedia programming consulting services varies depending on the project, but is calculated from an hourly base rate of USD $95.00 per hour (for developing compiled object code deliverables from source code that stays in-house here). There are significant additional surcharges for per-project fixed pricing, for source code access, for exclusive ownership or distribution rights, or for work of a very specialized nature not likely to be of general usefulness in the future, such as writing software supporting a particular piece of third party hardware or software. On the other hand, there are significant discounts for educational, non-profit or artistic ventures, or for developing feature enhancements for existing published products.

Pricing for multimedia production services, such as digital video and multitrack digital audio field production, digital video and multitrack digital audio editing, or CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and DVD-Video authoring, varies depending on the project.

Please email your requirements for a specific price quote for multimedia programming consulting services or multimedia production services.

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