MasterApp Xtra Downloads
MasterApp Xtra Mac

v1.1.1 released Feb. 19th, 2007

Contains Classic and OSX Xtras

MasterApp Xtra Win v1.1.1 released Feb. 18th, 2007
MasterApp documentation and demo movie

User guide and example Director movie for Director 8.5, MX, or MX 2004. (MasterApp works in Director 5 through MX 2004, but the demo movie itself uses Director 8.5 or later.) The user guide is in HTML format for Mac or Windows. Open mappusr.htm in any Web browser after unpacking the ZIP file.

Windows Media Player fullscreen (454K) Launches Media Player and sends a menu command to Windows Media Player to play fullscreen. Windows only.
Toolkit [Win, Mac] (393K) Cross-platform development utility for testing fake user input and manipulating external app windows interactively. Contains example scripts. File is in .SIT format but will run on all platforms.
Visual Keyboard [Win] (7K) For calculating arguments to send to MasterApp methods that send fake keypresses to another app
Window Message Example [Win] (32K) Launches Notepad and demonstrates how window messages can be used to perform some automated text input and editing operations
Resize window example (9K) Windows-only code that resizes a window when given the window name shown in the window's title bar.
API Viewer [Win, Mac] (65K) MIAW that displays MasterApp Xtra calls by category. Very handy. Rename it something more intuitive after download and drop it into your Director Xtras folder to make it available from the Xtras menu during authoring. Contributed by Chino.
Apple Error Codes [Mac] (280K) Lists standard Apple error codes and their meaning. MasterApp Mac returns standard system error codes.
Win32 Error Codes [Win] (48K) Lets you look up Win32 API error codes. MasterApp Win Xtra returns standard API error codes.
Win32 Error system files [Win] (512K)

Microsoft system files needed by Win32 Error. Download only if you don't already have them in Windows\System:

Trash Desktop [Mac] (46K) Easy way to rebuild desktop. One thing to try if documents are not launching their associated application on Mac from MasterApp.
Type Shuffler [Mac] (224K) Shows and/or changes the file type and creator of one file or a group of files dragged on to it.
OpenDocument behavior [Win, Mac] Launches a document with its parent app. Doc path can be relative to movie or chosen by user. Written by James Newton.
Close Acrobat 4 Print Dialog [Mac] (7K) Example code for Acrobat 4.0 Mac monitors the windowlist on each exitframe and if the Print dialog is up sends a fake mouse click to the OK button to dismiss the dialog.
Prints document with parent app and close print setup dialog [Win] (29K) Generic behavior for Windows that prints a document with its parent app and dismisses the Print setup dialog by sending a fake mouse click to the OK button on the dialog.