BinaryIO Xtra Downloads
BinaryIO Xtra Mac

v1.2.3 released Jan. 29th, 2007

Contains Classic and OSX Xtras for Director MX 2004 and earlier

BinaryIO Xtra Win v1.2.3 released Feb. 18th, 2007
BinaryIO documentation and samples (.ZIP or .SIT)

User guide and example Director movie for Director 8.5, MX, or MX 2004. BinaryIO has been tested to work in Director 5 through MX 2004, but the demo movie itself uses Director 8.5 or later. The user guide is in HTML format and works well on both Mac or Windows. Open biniousr.htm in any Web browser after unpacking the .ZIP or .SIT file.

The branding of the documentation and demo movie still refer to updateStage as BinaryIO Xtra's publisher. This is no longer the case - BinaryIO is sold directly by Dirigo Multimedia now. Refer any questions to Dirigo, not to updateStage.

BinaryIO Xtra Win 16-bit (for ancient Windows 3.1 systems) v1.2.3 released Feb. 18th, 2007