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Dirigo Multimedia, Inc., formally incorporated in Maine in July of 2002, was first established as a sole proprietorship in the fall of 1995 by Glenn Picher to offer programming consulting services, specializing in multimedia utility applications and Lingo and XObject development for Macromedia Director. In these years, Dirigo has built a reputation in the multimedia development community for quality products and consulting services, specializing in Macromedia Director Xtras. Macromedia itself has been a major client, in days before Macromedia's acquisition by Adobe.

Dirigo offers consulting services in C, C++ and Lingo, for plug-in and application programming, for Macintosh and Windows. Dirigo has been a professional member of MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network, and ADC, the Apple Developer Connection, which allows for developing and testing against a broad range of Mac and Windows operating system versions and languages.

Dirigo is experienced in Windows programming from Windows 3.1 through Windows XP Professional, and MacOS programming from System 7 through MacOS X. Available Windows programming tools include every version of Microsoft Visual C++ from version 1.5 for Windows 3.1 through Visual Studio.NET, as well as all versions of Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro for Windows. Available Mac programming tools include Metrowerks CodeWarrior including the original CodeWarrior 7 through 9, Code Warrior Pro 1 through 8.3, Apple MPW, Apple Project Builder, Apple ResEdit and Mathemaesthetics Resourcerer.

The price of Dirigo's multimedia programming consulting services varies depending on the project, but is calculated from an hourly base rate of USD $95.00 per hour (for developing compiled object code deliverables from source code that stays in-house here). There are significant additional surcharges for per-project fixed pricing, for source code access, for exclusive ownership or distribution rights, or for work of a very specialized nature not likely to be of general usefulness in the future, such as writing software supporting a particular piece of third party hardware or software. On the other hand, there are significant discounts for educational, non-profit or artistic ventures, or for developing feature enhancements for existing published products. Please email your requirements for a specific price quote for multimedia programming consulting services.

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Last update: January 7th, 2007.