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Dirigo's Web server does offer HTTPS, for SSL-secured connections. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to observe traffic between your browser and the Dirigo site, and gives you confidence that content on the site was actually put in place by Dirigo. This is primarily useful for confidential communications (most commonly, secure ordering of products, which, alas, is not currently available).

Dirigo's SSL certificate is issued by Comodo, which is supported by all common browsers. To verify identity, you can select the "Switch to HTTPS" link or the Comodo "authentic site" padlock icon below. Your browser's user interface should the show a security icon of some sort in its toolbar, menu bar, status bar, or window frame-- typically a locked padlock. This is drawn directly into the browser's user interface gadgets, and is not displayed as part of the Web page itself.

However, there are currently no public pages making good use of HTTPS transport on the Dirigo site. We use HTTPS only for some private projects currently. Therefore, there's no particular advantage to using an HTTPS URL to access the site. You'll simply be redirected after a few seconds to the plain HTTP version of the site. Most pages even on the non-HTTPS verson of the site, however, display the Comodo site seal, which you can roll over or click on, to verify the details of the Dirigo web site's SSL certificate, including company address information and a USD $100,000 guarantee of identity.

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